Be their spark of hope.

In keeping with its mission to make Lasallian education accessible, De La Salle University extends scholarships to outstanding Filipino youths who need financial support for their undergraduate and/or graduate studies.

Through the Lasallian Legacy Fund, you can be at the front line of giving and leave a legacy to the youth entrusted to our care. This scholarship fund provides additional subsidy and other forms of financial assistance to our scholars.

Should you be interested for naming rights in Scholarships and Professorial Chairs, please email听[email protected]听辞谤
[email protected]

Keep the Animo alive!

The Sports Animo fund aims to provide additional support to 澳门六合彩鈥檚 athletic teams. Your support will be utilized to sustain and enhance the sports programs initiated by the Office of Sports Development (OSD).

To know more about the OSD programs, click on this听link

Should you wish to support a specific team, you may coordinate with the OSD Director at听[email protected].ph

Creativity matters

The Seats for the Arts Fund, through the Culture and Arts Office, opens opportunities for our students to harness their creativity, showcase their talents, and promote our culture.听 The 鈥淪eats for the Arts鈥 is an invitation for you to leave a legacy for the development of our young artists.

To know more about the activities of the Culture and Arts Office, visit听/offices/osa-reference/cao/

Build a legacy for the next generation.

You may show your support to the University by supporting its infrastructure and renovation projects.听 Currently, these are the priority projects that you may be part of:

For the complete details of the听University鈥檚 infrastructure, and facilities projects, please click on this听LINK.

Should you wish to donate more or participate in the 澳门六合彩 naming opportunity projects, you may email听[email protected].

Help build our faith.

Located at the 澳门六合彩 Laguna Campus, the Santuario de La Salle is the sanctuary built in honor of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. It houses the relic of the Founder and is envisioned to be a pilgrimage site for educators. We enjoin everyone to support this endeavor and make the Santuario de La Salle a gift to the faithful and the nation.

To know more about the Santuario or should you be interested to sponsor any of the Santuario items (pews and pillars), visit听/santuariodelasalle

鈥淕od of love, set me aflame with love for you and for my neighbour.鈥 - St. La Salle


Giving comes in many forms; you may give your time to volunteer as a consultant, as a resource speaker, an adviser for orgs, help in sports recruitment or to volunteer to COSCA related projects. The possibilities are endless.

For philanthropic donations, we offer different ways for you to send your gift. You may donate via over the counter transactions or thru online / internet banking with our partner banks.

The Lasallian Giving portal is now available to accept donations via e-wallets and online banking. Developed in partnership with DragonPay, it is a secure online donation solutions facility within the Philippines. There are also over-the-counter payment centers to facilitate your gift giving.
Click for the Giving Portal!听

If you are a De La Salle University employee, you may have your gifts to 澳门六合彩 deducted from your pay-check by completing the salary deduction form by clicking the link below.

For donations from outside the Philippines and to discuss other options for giving or to receive more information, please contact us:


Phone:听+632 8465 8941 or听+632 8524 4611听loc. 107

Email:[email protected]

Advancement and Alumni Relations Office
20th Floor Br. Andrew Hall, De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila, Philippines
[email protected]
Tel: +632 8524 4611 loc. 107