The Management of Financial Institutions (MFI) Program was launched in 1976 to answer the financial management needs of Philippine financial intermediaries and other Philippine businesses. While the major focus of the original program which seeks to develop graduates with excellent decision making, problem solving and analytical abilities remain basically unchanged, the present program aims to support the Department of Financial Management’s vision in response to the formidable challenges of the financial services industry.

The Department of Financial Management’s vision is to position ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩ as a leading institution offering formal training for future financial service career executives responsive to the changing needs of the financial service businesses in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific Region. The present program aims to train and develop future managers and professionals on the various skills, applied principles and strategies necessary for effective decision making. Specifically, the program intends to strengthen the graduates’ foundation on the quantitative and empirical research tools; sharpen their understanding of changing financial regulations, markets, products and risks; deepen their appreciation of the functional management areas in the more specialized financial services disciplines (such as investment banking, treasury management and risk management), and allow them to integrate disciplines from strategic perspectives.